Level G, Grand Avenues Mall, 5th Ring Road, Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Mutlaq Abbas Munawir St, Kuwait


Sun - Wed, Saturday 11am - 11pm,
Thurs - Fri 11am - 12am

katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe Why wait? We'll bring the grill straight to you. #KatsuyaSouthBeach #worldofsbe | 📸 @julianwindfield
katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe Learn how we roll at #KatsuyaBahaMar. Join us April 24th for an intimate & interactive culinary experience where you’ll sip on sake and learn to make sushi with our master sushi chefs. For reservations contact 242.788.7250. #slsbahamar #worldofsbe
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katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe Wherever the rock shrimp goes, we'll follow. 🍤 #KatsuyaSouthBeach #Worldofsbe #SLSSouthBeach | 📸 @eastcoastfeastcoast
katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe A world beyond your wildest dreams. #thisisbeyond Experience the #worldofsbe this spring and summer with exclusive offers at @sbecollection’s award-winning hotels, restaurants, and lounges. Tap the link in our bio for details.
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katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe The more the merrier, right? @engelauren enjoying our delicious sushi sampler, assorted sampler, miso marinated black cod and gypsy lips cocktail! 🍣 🍸 #Katsuyabysbe #worldofsbe #KatsuyaLALive
katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe Regardless of the question, more #crispyrice is the answer. #KatsuyaBysbe #SpicyTuna #Worldofsbe | 📸 @michelleniellose
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katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe On Wednesdays, we drink pink. What's your go to? #KatsuyaSouthBeach #worldofsbe #slssouthbeach
katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe No detail is ever too small. #KatsuyaSouthBeach #worldofsbe #slssouthbeach
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katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe If you've ever wanted to learn the art of sushi making, now is your chance! Enjoy appetizers and sip on Sake while learning from our very own Katsuya sushi chefs. Please contact the concierge for reservations or call 242.788.7250 or email nick.gold@sbe.com. #worldofsbe #katsuyabahamar
katsuyabysbe katsuyabysbe Views from our beautiful #BahaMar location. What are you ordering? #worldofsbe #katsuyabahamar
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